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Re: Octane follies

In a message dated 2/23/99 6:07:48 PM EST, armanmik@n-jcenter.com writes:

<< The highest octane fuel commonly available is 100/130 (at your local
 airport)  >>
Sunoco commonly sells 100 Octane at the pump in several areas under the
nomenclature of "GT 100". Look around, you'll find it. On my modified engine I
2-3 gallons and the balance with 94 Octane Ultra. Car runs very smoothly with
the extra Octane and produces more hp since the chip can sense the extra
octane and advance the timing to suit.

Additionally, you should NOT use 100/130 from the airport. It's made to
produce power at a constant RPM, not under varying load conditions as in a
road car. While the Octane # may be OK the additives for the different uses
are very different and you may find some problems after using AV gas.

How do I know? At the local SCCA club last year we had a presentation about
gasoline from the Sunoco Racing Services Director who used to run the Trans-Am
engine shop for Rousch Racing in the '80's when they ran the Merkur XR4Ti
4cyl. Turbo. If anybody knows octane, it ought to be that guy.

Mike Torio