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Re: strange suspension sound?? suggestions??

John, Ihad a similar noise coming from the driver's side front of my 1990
200tqw.  It was the ball joint on the lower control arm which attaches at
the bottom of the strut.  I was able to confirm this by using a grease gun
with a fine needle -like injector on the end and I injected grease in to the
rubber boot on the ball joint.  This cured the noise.  So, I changed the
lower control arm, since the ball joint is a part of the contro arm.  Adding
the grease does not fix it; the damage is done.

Ron Frazier
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Date: Wednesday, February 24, 1999 12:47 AM
Subject: strange suspension sound?? suggestions??

>ok, today out of the blue, everytime i hit a significant rolling bump i
>have a funny scraping/squeaking sound from my right front corner.  at
>first i thought it was more of a scraping, metal dragging on something
>sound, today i am thinking maybe its got a squishy-squeaky rubber
>quality to it too???  i would have thought for sure that it was packed
>snow in the wheel well, except snow isn't allowed in VT anymore it
>i keep stopping an looking under the car.  nothing dragging, nothing
>obviously bent or out of place.
>i push down on that corner and bounce it.  nothing.  i pull up on that
>corner and bounce.  nothing.
>dealer has no suggestions on the phone, just 'bring it in and let me
>drive it'.  fair enough, but has to wait 'til i return from Philly, and
>in the meantime my brain is churning.
>why now?  dunno.  yesterday for the first time in a long time, had a
>large passenger in the front right seat, normally my car is a 1 person
>ride.  probably arbitrary coincidence.  washed the car this weekend,
>probably got water frozen up everywhere.
>seems innocuous enough - no handling problems yet, but i can't stand
>it.  doesn't make the sound if you pitch the wheel back and forth to get
>the body to roll around.  mostly fore-aft pitching.  driving over train
>tracks is the perfect stimulus.
>any chances of a bad shock, and what kind of sound might this make?
>can't imagine this is likely with under 16k miles...
>TIA for any and all suggs...
>JC - '97 A4 1.8TQ