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Re: Wheel Bearing Pullers

gerard@dockside.co.za wrote:

> Hi!
> Can anyone perhaps give directions on how the Audi
> bearing puller is used? By this I mean, giving the
> procedure for removing the bearing starting at the
> point where the wheel is still attached to the car.
> Perhaps then I/we can figure out at what point a generic
> gear/wheel/bearing puller can be hooked up to do the
> same job as the Audi puller.

I have the instruction sheet that I can fax to you.

> $100 for a bearing is also what my local Audi agent
> is asking for them. Who makes Audi bearings anyway?
> I looked around and all the bearing people (SKF and
> others) say that the Audi 100 and 200 all had the same
> bearings (ie. 5k and 5kt). Not true, but I know that
> 100 auto and 200 auto 1988-1990 did use the same
> units. Just want to know who is the official manufacturer
> of the Audi bearings. As my brother said "bearings are
> a dime a dozen", and they are, you just have to pick the
> proper brand and quality. Even my engineering buddies
> say the best way to go is to have the bearings made
> up by a local bearing manufacturer. It saves plenty
> of dough for other much needed repairs.

I think that the trick is to get the proper part# of the bearing by FAG,
SKF, Timken, etc and ask for it at the bearing store that way.  I am
affraid that calling in and telling them that you want a bearing for
Audi sends the prices sky high.  One lister suggested that one finds the
VW application of the Audi bearing.  Could anyone help with this by
providing bearing manufacturer part # or a VW part # for a bearing for
88 5ksq?

> Thanks.
> G. (Bearing Puller Finder Extraordinaire).
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