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Re: Wheel Bearing Pullers

I called and they said they sell 'em like crazy and everyone loves them.
They're 730 USD + tax & shipping.  It's over twice the price of the Schley
tool but it has many more adapters.

Oldforge Tools
7750 King Rd, Spring Arbor MI 49283 
(517) 750-1840 

Also, on the instructions, the Bearing Removal picture seems a bit odd, no?

At 05:28 AM 2/24/1999 ,  gerard@dockside.co.za was inspired to say:
> Thanks for that info. It makes sense now.
> What do you guys think of the Old Forge "Hub Shark"?
> Go look at:
> 	http://www.oldforge.com/7325.htm

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