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Re: 20v ur-quattro availability

In message <199902241113.GAA23672@coimbra.ans.net> "Hans-Juergen Schneider" writes:

> 20v-urq's are sold in the dm 30k range in Germany and quite difficult
> to find but nobody will pay dm 80k for it unless it is a new one. I
> think that that guy is looking for a sport-q and not a 20v-urq. Phil
> should have some more infos on the value and availability of 20v-
> urq's in Europe.

RHDs fetch GBP15k to GBP20k in the UK Club Newsletter.  From other
sources (e.g., http://www.autotrader.co.uk ) you occasionally see them
at closer to Blue Book prices - around GBP10k.  One lucky member picked
one up for GBP9500 about six months ago - as far as I can see, there's
nothing wrong with it.

 Phil Payne
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