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Help me with my hit and run..can anyone trace phone numbers?

Looks like my luck is getting worse, last night my A4 was the victim of a hit
and run.  Someone dented in my rear door, rear fender and rear bumper last
night. The person left a note with a false name (shelly) and a phone number
that I think is false. I think they left a note for "appearances" in case
someone saw them hit my car.  So far, I checked all the YMCA files (where the
accident occured) and there was no one at the YMCA around that time by the
name of "shelly". They also left a number that ended up being a pager number,
and who ever owns that pager will not return any pages, so that may be a false
number also.

BUT, I would like to trace this pager number neverless, and the police won't
do it because it's just a hit and run with no injurites. Does anyone have
access to information that could help me trace this pager number?

The number is 407-645-8989

Thanks for any help,

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