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Re: Help me with my hit and run..can anyone trace phone numbers?

Oh man, sorry to hear that.  Some one just did that to the S4.  Really sucks
huh?  As for tracing the number, find out what pager company it is with. 
you can usually do that by calling the different pager companies in your
area and giving them the phone number.  Once you have done that, my
suggestion would be to call the pager company and say that you need to talk
to the owner of the pager number xxx-xxx-xxxx.  Some companies will let you
stay on hold while they page the owner of the pager.  When the owner calls
in, they will connect them to you.  This does not work with all pager
companies.  Some will do this for you some won't.  If it does not work, you
might try putting another number in the pager, ie, an number of a friend or
one that they hvae not seen before.  The exact same thing happend to me a
year ago with another of my cars.  The pager owner refused to return my
pages.  Well, I have 4 phone numbers at home and simply gave them another
number.  They returned my call and I was able to talk to them.  Sorry to
say, but the skipped town and I had to deal with the wrecked car.  Also,
check to see if the YMCA has video monitoring of their lot.  Maybe you can
get them that way.

Wish I could help more.  Sorry it happend to you.  If it is any consulation,
the S4 I have is still running around with a big dent and broken light.  I
am still waiting for parts from a lister or two.

Good luck Christian.

>From: RELAYER@aol.com
>To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
>Subject: Help me with my hit and run..can anyone trace phone numbers?
>Date: Wed, Feb 24, 1999, 10:22

>Looks like my luck is getting worse, last night my A4 was the victim of a hit
>and run.  Someone dented in my rear door, rear fender and rear bumper last
>night. The person left a note with a false name (shelly) and a phone number
>that I think is false. I think they left a note for "appearances" in case
>someone saw them hit my car.  So far, I checked all the YMCA files (where the
>accident occured) and there was no one at the YMCA around that time by the
>name of "shelly". They also left a number that ended up being a pager number,
>and who ever owns that pager will not return any pages, so that may be a false
>number also.
>BUT, I would like to trace this pager number neverless, and the police won't
>do it because it's just a hit and run with no injurites. Does anyone have
>access to information that could help me trace this pager number?
>The number is 407-645-8989
>Thanks for any help,
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