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Techron kerosene?

Several years ago I did a quick GC/MS analysis of Techron.  I found it
to be a mixture of linear hydrocarbons (most were <C12 as I remember)
branched hydrocarbons (again most <C12) and substituted benzenes, such
as toluene, xylenes, cumene, trimethyl benzenes, tetramethyl benzenes,
methylethyl benzenes, etc. I don't remember seeing significant
concentrations of anything with more than one aromatic ring, such as
naphthalene or substituted naphthalenes. 

It should be noted, however, that I was looking at only the volatile
portion of Techron and other less volatile components such as detergents
would not have been detected. I suspect that the Techron name covers a
hydrocarbon mixture that contains one or more detergents. A patent
search would probably revealadditional information.  It probably
wouldn't list the active ingredients, but should say something about the
compound classes.