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Re: Help me with my hit and run..can anyone trace phone numbers?

Reverse directory is available on infospace.com. Pager # prob won't work but
the other phony # might. Good luck.

BTW this once happened to me. Phone # was left on my window after same type of
situation. Lady tells me she was witness to someone who hit me. 2 days later,
a kid tells me he saw the crash & described the lady on the phone who claimed
to only be a witness to someone else crashing me. I made a few threats & got
the insurance info I needed.

Once again Good Luck

In a message dated 2/24/99 2:11:37 PM Eastern Standard Time, RELAYER@aol.com

<< BUT, I would like to trace this pager number neverless, and the police
 do it because it's just a hit and run with no injurites. Does anyone have
 access to information that could help me trace this pager number?
 The number is 407-645-8989