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Re: Emissions Testing in Ontario

Steve Bigelow wrote:
>The powers that be (including the Toronto New Car Dealers Association) have
>decided th begin mandatory emmissions testing in certain parts of Ontario
>this spring. It includes a dyno run [snip]


Does anyone know if the emissions testing facilities will be able to
accommodate Quattros on their dynos? There was a discussion last year about
this in another jurisdiction and it seemed like Quattros were exempt from
testing since no one had a dyno which could accommodate all wheels being
driven. My car, a 1990 V8Q, is up for testing this year and it would be
nice to know before I get to the testing facility. I have already read
horror stories about the testing garages on "rape and pillage" campaigns
against unwary auto owners. The whole thing stinks of corruption since the
objective does not seem to be to reduce emissions. Evidently, one can
simply pay $200 to continue to drive a vehicle which fails the test. I fail
to see how that will make our air any cleaner.


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