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RE: Stuck in mid-air

certainly the times when i was getting paid for the effort, we did no
processing at all.  every evening we unloaded all our film and counted
ourselves lucky if we go to see the trannies on the light table a week or so
later.  usually we didn't, and you'd get to see one of two shots in the
publications later.  made more difficult as most of the publications were
japanese.  sometimes we'd have arguments as to whose shot it was as well.

great lifestyle, though i have retained very very few of the photos.  i had
the pleasure of shooting the nz rally last year on the understanding that
the first 2 days were "theirs" and the last day was "mine".  well, it was
torrential rain on the first two days, with virtually no light, so i had to
resort to all sorts of games to make the shots interesting.  3rd day (my
shots) was pristine and clear and the shots of the cars winding around the
southern coast now sit in my collection.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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> Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 09:17:18 EST
> From: JustaxPHX@aol.com
> Subject: Re: Stuck in mid-air
> >And now an even better reason to use a GOOD 1 hour Lab- less
> chance of losing
> >film in transport. Yes they can cost more, but what's more
> important- your
> >film or a few bucks? Plus you get your pix back in one hour!!!
> I would disagree with you.  While the odds of the film being
> lost are reduced,
> so are the odds of it being processed correctly.  If it's
> really important
> film, it's best to use a local pro lab ... they can also do
> E-6 processing in
> a couple of hours, too, and usually aren't that much more
> expensive than the
> typical one-hour mini-lab.
> Of course, if you really don't trust anyone but yourself, you
> can always
> develop it at home.  Jobo makes a variety of processors to
> suit most needs and
> budgets, and the CPA-2 I bought used a while ago works very
> well indeed.
> I've never shot any professional car races but did manage
> quite a few Trans-
> AMA races twenty years ago and I've got some really neat
> shots of Marty Smith,
> Tony D., Kent Weinert, Jim Pomeroy, et al in my files!
> JG