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Re: Audi TT Roadster / Debut at the Geneva Motor Show

>Breathtaking?  I don't think so!

>A new Golf/Jetta VR6 is almost as quick as the 225 hp TT (and faster than
>the 180 hp version) for a lot less money.  For a little more money than
>the TT coupe (or maybe the same money as the roadster, I don't know what
>they will charge for it), there is the much faster Z3/M3, Boxster and
>Corvette. The Vette could be said to be entering the breathtaking
>territory with 0-60of 5 seconds or less.       

	You are right about the VR6 Golf being just ALMOST as quick as the
225hp version but it is a ligher car that still has 175hp.  But it is not
Nearly the car.  Also, I suspect that 225 with a FWD car would be a
problem.  The TTS with AWD will Kill a Golf I suspect.  And its easily
tunable and a VERY torquey motor.  
	But I dont get your comment about the TTS vs The BMW Z3 and
Boxter.  The TTS is giving equal performance to these cars from what I
have read for less money.  And most reports I've read think the TT handles
better and in real world is Just as fast.  The Vette may be faster but it
is NOT even CLOSE to the same Catagory.  Compare it to a Convertible 911
or Ferrari F355 Convertible or something.  That is the class (albeit more
expensive) that the Corvette competes in.  It is a MUCH bigger car with
MUCH more power.  300+ with a Big V8.
	So, yes, the 225 hp TTs wont tear up the Asphalt but it performs
on par with the Z3 and Boxter for less money and can easily be made to go
MUCH faster than those two for much cheaper. :-)
	In my opinion a bargain in comparison. Yes, the Golf is more of a
Bargain but can you really compare them.  Maybe you can with a FWD 180hp
TT since those are similar but the Fit/finish of the TT will be better,
and it can be easily made to be as faster than the Golf.

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