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belly up bar

For my '87 5kcstq w/127k mi.: (no rebuild, orig turbo)

According to my Approximator (dash computer), my max bar lately has been 
1.2.  Previously, it was 1.3.  Hmmm...

I recently had a tune up by an audi pro, new intercooler & some other 
new vacuum hoses, new radiator, thermostat, VW/Audi coolant.  Also it 
now runs a bit hotter at freeway speeds--before new rad. & therm. it 
would be only 1/3 over on guage; now it's @ halfway point.

The only real performance problem I have always had is a kooky idle, 
probably a bad ISV?  Idles too high when cold/damp; with this 80 degree 
weather now idles a wee too low, as if it wants to stall out. 

Not sure if all this is related, but thought I'd include it.  Maybe just 
the computer's wacked.  I want to get this all hunky dory since I plan 
on buying Steve Mockrey's chip--but only if in tip top shape.


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