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GT owners please advise....

Hey guys - I sent a prior message, don't know if anyone got it.  I'm checking
out a 87 GT, blue mettalic, 2.22 disc/drum, it has 192K.  It seems in nice
condition, started right up, idled nicely, overall it is in very good shape,
the passenger window is out of track???? how hard to fix?  Next, it has
digital dash (nightmare, I've heard.)  Should I pass on car, or take it?  It
seems like a decent deal, the guy just had a bunch of work done to it....Any
advice welcome, my 86 was nothing like this car.  It was auto, anolgue, red,
low miles.  How high can I expect on milage?  Car will be street/track car.


Carter J
86 4000CS Quattro (tons of stuff, more to come)
84 Rabbit GTI (tons of stuff, on its way out)