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Re: Help me with my hit and run..can anyone trace phone numbers?

> cool.  remember, that could be a made-up number.
> i'd suggest a stealth visit to check for a damaged
> car.  though you might just want to get the police
> to investigate it, since they can see what cars
> are regged to these folks and stuff, and find out
> for sure if it they are merely victims of "shelly's"
> fake number.

]> The number is 407-645-8989
]Tom & Elaine Greene
]564 N. Semoran Boulevard
]Orlando, FL 32807
] Toll Free: 1(800) 721-7899
]Fax & Office: (407) 521-7899
]Digital Pager: (407) 645-8989
]Email: flahouse@aol.com

You could also check again with the YMCA and see if those names are anywhere
in their files for that day.