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RE: Duck vs. Duct

It was written:

Subject: Re: My Intercooler hose broke!! Conclusion
> At 07:56 AM 2/24/99 GMT, Phil Payne wrote:
> >I think I'm gonna have to start ordering _my_ duct tape from the USA.
> >The stuff we get here won't hold 1.6 bar.
There are two types of tape being sold that look like duct tape,  Duct
tape and cloth tape.  They're both the same color and look exactly the
same except cloth tape is much weaker and not as sticky.  Cloth tape
breaks down alot faster when exposed to the underhood elements and
weather compared to duct tape.  
Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA
Maybe you should get "duck" tape. Yes, some marketing genius applied the
brand name "duck" to duct tape. Presumeably so when the missus goes to
the hardware store, she'll come out with their product.

The proper name is DUCK as in duck cloth fabric. Specified in W.W.II by the
U.S. Military it became very popular for many types of "field repairs". After
the war the OEM retained the name and still sells the product in various
weights and adhesive strengths. One of the first, and still very popular
applications were HVAC ducting. Other companies now make similar products and
capitalize on the application and call their product duct tape.

John Katos
87 5ktq
many Alfas