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Re: 84kq vacuum hose problem?

I had the same problem.  The little L hose that goes from the ISV to the
intake manifold would collapse under vaccum - even at idle.  It
eventualy failed at about the 100k mi point and I had a 2000 rpm idle
speed until I replaced it.  The new hose lasted only a few months.  They
must have different quality hoses in their shelves.  Then, instead of
making another cash offering to the Audi gods, I put a piece of cooper
pipe inside the rubber hose to keep it from collapsing and warped lots
of electrical tape around it to seal the 3/4" slit that had developed. 
Topped it all off with a zip-tie to keep the tape from comming loose. 
Haven't had any problems with it ever since.  I guess you could also put
in a suitably sized spring.  Whatever you use, make sure it's big enough
that it wont be sucked into the intake manifold.

Luis Marques
'87 4kcsq

> From: KAYAKUR@aol.com
> The vacuum hose on my 4kq is collapsing on idle. It is the hose that
> goes from the intake manifold center left, looking back, and then
> connect to the idle regulator? I think. Off idle it looks normal and
> the car runs fine.
> I have an 86 Coupe with the same setup and the hose does not collapse.
> Could this be due to the older hose weakening or is this inherent to
> another problem. I have traced out all the vacuum lines and cleaned up
> some of the older ends so it all seem  tight. 
> Any thoughts.