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RE: V8 Surging

So what's the general consensus on Oxygen Sensors?  Replace at the suggested
60,000 mi?  Replace if you suspect it's a problem?   Replace with OEM part?
Replace with universal part?  I've noted mixed results from various posts on
the list.  Anyone want to elaborate?


Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90, 68K mi.
Picture and details online at:

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Subject: Re: V8 Surging

I had the same problem with my V8 when i got it. It would surge the entire
time, even when warm. I replaced my O2 sensor as suggested by the list and
then my car didnt surge, but began to hesitate, to the point of being
undrivable. It only ran well when floored. I got two codes for the O2
 So until i could get the sensor replaced I unpluged the connector. The car
never ran better! It idled smoothly and didnt surge. The only downside was
that it got 1-2 mpg less gas mileage. I got the new sensor and put that in.
Now when it is cold i get very slight surging, but at temp runs great.
That was my experience with the problem. Try disconnecting the sensor and
what happens?

90 V8

Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 00:19:15 -0800
From: "Steve Short" <corvairSS@sprynet.com>
Subject: The mysterious V8 surge

The Surge is not just a good soda (my opinion) it is also a pain in the a..
problem with my V8 that I can seem to solve.  Upon start up and with
acceleration (slow or pedal down) I seem to have a surge problem until the
car is driven to full warm up mode.  It's like I have a little gremlin
sitting inside my injector bar with a can of Starter fluid and is giving me
a shot down the injector bar every other second.  This seems to be a common
problem in the V8 world.  Any V8ters that have found a magic fix for this

I have replaced the O2 sensor and the Cold Air Sensor.  Idles OK but
doesn't have even flow of power.  I don't baby this car but I also don't
abuse it.  I am just looking for a even flow of power.  Thanks in advance
for the help!!!!!!

Steve Short\
Burlington, VT
V8 90'