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transmission leak--question

I recently replaced a leaking final-drive oil seal ('91 200q) and filled
the tranny with Redline MT-90 (drain and fill). Very soon, a new leak
appeared, which I think is from the front seal--although the clutch hasn't
been affected (yet).

Is it possible that the changover from OEM oil to Redline MT-90 (GL-4
synthetic) has caused a seal to leak? I've heard that seal shrinkage (and
leaks) will often happen when *engine* oil is changed from "dino" to synth,
so...anyone have this happen with transmission seals when a new fluid
(Redline?) is added?

BTW, it _is_ possible (even likely) that I overfilled with the Redline oil.
We'll know, when the car goes up on a lift and gets checked tomorrow


Phil Rose

'91 200q	Rochester, NY
'89 100		716-244-4274