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Re: HELP - They REALLY want to total my UrQ

	be careful, recording phone calls (especially without 
	informing the other party) might be illegal.

On Thu, 25 Feb 1999, Joseph Rae wrote:

]Just a comment, but have you talked to your insurance agent at all about the
]situation? Sometimes they will really go to bat for you, espessially when
]you explain the situation to them and tell them how you have babied the car
]since you got it.
]Start logging phone calls, or even recording them..... I would defenatly sue
]if it were my car and they were dicking me around I would sue
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]Sent: Wednesday, February 24, 1999 7:57 PM
]Subject: HELP - They REALLY want to total my UrQ
]> I have asked for help in the past and received quite a few suggestions.
]> Here's the deal. In January some moron hit my parked car, doing $6000
]> worth of damage to it. The insurance company, Integon (owned by GM, so
]> it figures) has been incredibly slow to respond. I have done all the
]> calling. I sent them 15 pages of ads for similar UrQs in the range of
]> $7000-$22,000. The stupid woman, first thing she says is, "but these
]> cars don't have high mileage." Most of the ads didn't even have the
]> mileage listed. Even the kelly Blue Book (which they reject as false)
]> lists the value of an UrQ w/ high miles as $7000. I have repaired and
]> replaced almost everything in the car, except the motor, which still
]> pulls strong w/ good compression. I have two sets of wheels and tires,
]> it's chipped and has Euros and all the necessary UrQ wiring mods. AC
]> works.
]> She still wants to give me ONLY $3000 for the car. I told her to call
]> Ned, she refused. Anyone have any more thoughts. I really want to avoid
]> court
]> but it's going that way. I'm in CO and the accident was in NY. Do I have
]> to go to NY to sue? Can I nail them for lost productivity, etc (we all
]> know how we worry about our babies)?. I have photos showing the car was
]> pushed 10 feet while in gear. Do I nail them for a new tranny? I really
]> need help here before I
]> threaten them with a lawsuit. Then I know there's no going back. Thanks.
]> Andrew Finney
]> 1983 UrQ.

 rocky mullin
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