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re: HELP - They REALLY want to total my UrQ (Insurance Ba$tard$)

Mike Arman stated:

They have no ego-involvement here - it is strictly dollars. Your pride and
joy is just another file on some drone's desk in a cubicle somewhere

Actually the drone is most likely in Albany, NY.  18 Corporate Woods Blvd
Albany, NY.  I used to work in the building, only upstairs, not happy
people, so beat 'em up.  Have a sister that works for Travelers, you need to
press the issue to resolve, they are trained to get you to take the least
amount of money, once you bring legal evolvement, the case is usually passed
on to a SPECIALIST who works much harder, faster and has the capacity to
make bigger decisions.  Hope this provides some insight.

Gerry Engstrom
94 S4