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RE: Ronin (and other good driving movies)

you mean to say that with de niro snogging that georgeous woman, all you
could do was look at the steering wheel????

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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> Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 00:16:28 PST
> From: gerard@dockside.co.za
> Subject: RE: Ronin (and other good driving movies)
> Spotted continuity error. When De Niro's character and
> the blonde are sitting in the S8 at night (the
> kissing scene), the steering wheel is like on the A4
> cars, it has the dimpled centre hub, but when the car is
> being run through the city streets before it gets
> smashed the steering wheel is the same as that on my 200
> with the flat centre and the embossed rings. S/A8 have
> different steering wheel options or what?