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'87 5KQT turbo overpressure

Check the braided hose that goes from the intake manifold to a metal 
fitting on the wastegate.  Not the little one coming off the Wastegate 
Freq. valve, the other one, about 3/4" dia.  It is ridiculously 
expensive from the dealer, the parts guy said to me "I'm embarassed to 
tell you this lists for $37.91, so I'll give you a discount." PN 035 145 
742 B.  I never hit the cutoff (it doesn't sound pleasant), but I was 
indicating 1.9 a lot more than I should (Intended Accleration 1.5) and 
sure enough the hose was cracked and basically cooked inside from the 
heat where it connects to the wastegate.  This is probably the easiest 
fix, it could also be a siezed wastegate (bad), or ??.
-Matt Martinsen '86 5KTQ

>My newly-aquired 1987 5KQT is consistantly activating the turbo
>overpressure switch (fuel cutoff) when accelerating under part or >full
>throttle conditions.  It accelerates very nicely up until it hits the
>overpressure switch and it is possible to accelerate without causing 
>to trigger but I must be careful.  At an indicated 1.5 bar pressure
>reading from the dash guage it appears to trigger which sounds >normal.
>I can't seem to locate and vac/pressure leaks but it has been cold
>outside and I may not have been as thorough as I should be.  Any >clues
>as to where to check first?

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