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Re: About Audi's 25V 5cyl, new info

Yep, the car ran at Nardi.  There are conflicting, yet equally reliable
sources that place that engine at Talladega as well.  I know for a fact that
Audi made a 25V engine, I've seen pictures some time ago...

With over 900hp available from 20 valves there isn't much point.  The engine
in Pertti Kuismanen's GTO Audi develops over 900hp and the engine will last
for race distances just over one hour.  With 700-odd horsepower longer
endurance-type events can be run.  His car was featured in Gute Fahrt
recently (8/98) "Der Fliegende Finne".

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

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Subject: About Audi's 25V 5cyl, new info

>I got the scoop on the 25V head. Audi Sport had made a 25V head and was
>once in Italy in an experimental run. The car was a 200 body, either
>to, or possibly the same car Bobby Unser drove for the world speed record.
>This head was never used in any other application. The IMSA cars used 20V
>heads, and produced in excess of 720hp.