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4kq tail pipe on coupe...

finally got it on Tuesday, took some creative angled cutting and big
gap-filling welds.  Due to the need to bring pipe upwards, the angled
outlets are basically vertical.  Nice to have the dull roar behind the
rear bumper  now.  I either fixed somethin' real well or that alone was
enough to eliminate the big bass noise at low rpms.  Maybe I'll figger
out a way to record the sound and www it.  Seems like the done thing to

btw, while I was hacking away I took a little look into that (81) 5kt
muffler I put on my car.  Don't know how much like stock it is, but it
looks a lot like my cat on the inside.  Just a pipe with a lot of holes
in it...

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT

email was down from 2/19-2/25!  sorry if this reply is late.