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Re: blind zone stuff, any input?

If you have a type 44, go to a junkyard and pull off the passenger 
side mirror from an 89 model up. They have a convex mirror instead of 
the older flat mirror.  This is an upgrade I would recommend to any 
89 or older type 44 owner!

The other thing that helps prevent the collisions these people talk 
about is to monitor where vehicles are.  I usually know where all the 
cars are around me, so there are few surprises when a car pops out of 
my blindspot.  What does irritate me is when I -know- one is in my 
blind spot and I want to change lanes :)


At 6:18 PM -0500 2/24/99, Jeremiah Kristal wrote:
> http://www4.golden.net/bdrodge/neontsb/info/blindzone.htm
> I got this link sent to me today.  I'm thinking about trying it but
> figured that the collective wisdom of the Quattrolist beats the SAE any
> day.  Anyone set their mirrors like this?  Checking blindspots in NYC
> traffic can be a heartstopping experience.
> Jeremiah

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