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short Shifting 5kcstq

At 07:34 AM 2/26/99 -0500, Eric_R_Kissell@email.whirlpool.com wrote:
>  Is there any modification I can make to my 1986 5kcstq to shorten the 
>  shift throws?

i did my short shift kit in two stages.
first i replaced the shift lever on the selector shaft (couple of inches
long with a half inch ball stud on it) with the shorter, later model shift
857 711 181B
about $50.
this has the effect of shortening the fore/aft throws.

then when i was rebuilding the shift mechanism during a clutch job, i took
the shaft that snaps onto this ball off and modified it.
there is another, smaller ball stud on top of this shaft which i raised
about 15 mm, effectively reducing the side-to-side throws.
$20 or less at a welding shop.