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Audi/VW news

Gute Fahrt Magazine from Germany, 3/99 has the following:

The TT roadster from the Geneva Motorshow. Nice, with the two chromed
rollover bars behind the headrests and the baseball glove leather
upholstery (optional).
Somehow, it looks rather tame after the excitement of the proto. Maybe it's
the silver paint that's less than spectacular on the roofless version, who

The Golf Variant (station wagon). One version based on the Bora, one on the
Golf. Think scaled-down Passat and you've got the rear end.

Test of the S3. Nice car, very restrained externally and bloody quick.
Shame about the price (although the 56,800 DM seems reasonable- the Dfl
113k doesn't).

Test of the A6 with the fat V8. Now there's a nice car... 300 hp and 400
Nm. Wow! Few clues to all the power externally, just fatter wheelarches.

The S8 gets a 20 hp power hike which brings it to 360 hp. Still no 400 hp
M5, but a lot more atractive to look at. 430 Nm seems like a useful amount
of torque, too. Fuel consumption's gone down, though.

No doubt someone's posted this info before me, or it's been on vwvortex
since 1956, but there it is anyway...