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RE: Insult to all Audi Cars

Great.  Mercedes emblems, and even BMW emblems to a lesser extent, have been
the target of thieves for quite some time now.  I'd hope it would never
extend to Audi's.  What's the matter with these morons?  I saw a lowered,
chromed-out Acura Integra the other day that had all the Acura emblems
stripped off and replaced with Honda 'H' emblems.  Someone want to explain
that one to me?  Why take the luxury version of a car line, and put the
'base' company emblems on it?!?  So will it soon be cool to buy a Lexus and
put Toyota T badges on it, or buy an Infinity and put a big NISSAN window
decal across the top of the windshield?

VW actually started to combat emblem theft on the early Corrados by making
the emblems out of black rubber that simply popped in and out of the grill
and bodywork - to prevent cracked grills and damage by thieves, and to make
them easily replaceable.  That's not right.  A car company shouldn't have to
make their namesake emblems out of worthless material to combat these SOBs.

Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90, 68K mi.
Photo and details online at:

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On my way to lunch I saw a Audi coming up on my bumper quick, I
recognized the rings from far away.  As it got closer it was the shape
of no Audi I had never seen before.  I moved over one lane so the "Audi"
could pass.  As it passed my car it was actually a purple garbage can
Toyota lowrider with Audi rings.  I was horrified!!!!    None the less
if you are living in CT I think I found your Audi rings...

95 90Q Sport