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Two words in insurance:  Amica and State Farm.  Amica is very highly rated
on the Porsche list and is my current insurer, however they do not insure
motorcycles directly they do it through Progressive.  For some people, they
give a very good rate, but for others (like me) they are not so good.  I
haven't bought a bike yet, but if I do, I will go with State Farm. Amica and
State Farm are roughly the same on my cars and a '99 ZX-6r was only $250 a
year for full coverage with a $500 deductible with State Farm while Amica
was much higher. In fairness, though, I am young and it is a sportbike.  I
don't know what you ride, but State Farm is almost always the lowest on
Sportbikes because the insure based on displacement so you do not get the
sportbike surcharge.  I think you're in CA and I know Amica insures in CA,
but I don't know the number.  The number in GA is 800-28AMICA.

Samuel W. Clough
Invesco Retirement Plan Services