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Re: Mahle OEM oil filter Opinion

I have been using Mahle filters on my 5000 tq since purchased with 62K  on
it, and the previous owner did also=). OK, so they have a anti drain back
valve, and seem very well made, but does anyone know specs on this filter
such as flow rate and filtration level?? The shop I worked at a few years
back believed in Amsoil products they are supposed to have a high quality
filtration system set up, with several configurations if you go with a
remote set up which would mean extra oil and 2 filters if you wanted. The
other set up which I was interested in is the Canton/Mecca oil filter which
has a replacement element (about $13 for the element, $85 complete) this
unit filters down to 8 microns with a very high flow rate. I have spoken
with several SCCA guys that use the Mecca system and love it. The only thing
I am not crazy about is that it is intended as an extended change type with
no bypass, they claim that they do not need it and that even with
20,000miles it still flows many times better than a conventional filter. I
was wondering how much better these are than the OEM type and if anyone had
one set up as a remote filter, I am also interested in doing an accusump but
that can be another thread=)

Mike Guidotti
87 5000tq 140K IAchip bunch of other stuff ;o)

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From: Dan Sinclair <sinclair@prospro.com>
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Date: Friday, February 26, 1999 11:47 AM
Subject: Mahle OEM oil filter Opinion

>Well, I did an oil change last night on my '88 90, and installed a new
>(OEM) oil filter to replace my evil orange F##m.  My first impression is
>that the anti-drainback valve DOES indeed make a difference.  I drove the
>car for about 20 minutes last night after the oil change, parked it in my
>carport, and when I came out this morning to hit the key, I listened very
>carefully, and by god - the usual "clack kack kack kack" engine chatter was
>not there.  Granted, this chatter never lasted more than 1 second with the
>old filter - but it's just flat not there at all now.
>I'm sure I'm the ONLY 'uninitiated lister' who'd never been told to use the
>factory oil filters, but in the chance that someone else hasn't heard this,
>and is looking for testimonial to justify the $6 per filter...
>Dan Sinclair
>1988 Audi 90, 68K mi.
>Photo and details online at: