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Re: Insult to all Audi Cars

Dan Sinclair writes...

>Personally, I could care less.  I just don't understand the>fascination
with rebadging your car period.  My >point>was to condemn the morons who
popularize this crap, because ultimately, the>more people who >think this is
'cool', the more people are going to find>their nice new cars stripped of
emblems and covered >in screw driver gouges>from dipsh*ts following the

I'm sure you aren't criticizing people that customize their cars, because
there are quite a few on the list (perhaps even yourself) that do that. I'm
also pretty sure your not angry just because you don't happen to like the
modifications, because life is too short to worry about the what other
people do with their cars...just as long as they leave your car out of the


Customize your own car, without customizing mine!


Stephen Bigelow
e-commerce/ Business Development
IBO # 823967