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Pre-purchase advice

I am very close to making an offer on a '86 5ktqw (or is it 5kqtw?  I'm
still working on the lingo :-).

There are a few defects I would like some advice on.

The wagon has a nifty computer that is supposed to show mpg and other fuel
consumption related data.  It appears that the fuel consumption related data
is not working.  How hard is this likely to be to fix?  How common are these
computer thingies in the older Audi's?

The memory seat function no longer works.  Likewise the rear PW switches do
not work, but the driver control of rear PW works fine (ie, the windows
work).  Again, can I assume these are easily fixed, as in clean some

Ditto the cruise control.  No longer works.  What might I be up against?

I have never owned a turbo anything.  Color me nervous.  What should I be
looking for in the engine compartment as possible warning signs?

Wagon has a new rack.  Steering seems fine, but pulls slightly to the left
on gentle to firm braking.  Is this likely to be cold brakes on my short
test ride, or is it a sign of an alignment issue?

Just for grins, what is the 0-60 time supposed to be for a wagon like this

Thank you for any and all advice.


Still Audi-less, but close...