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Qlister visits...

Last night, I got my hands dirty crawling under Bob Dupree's new toy.  I'm not
going to steal his thunder but I will say it's red, has two doors, a turbo and
a killer stereo that he can't get fired up.  Overall, it looks like he managed
to get himself a pretty nice companion for the LT1-powered Type 44 he expects
to have running shortly...

Bob D'Amato is also in town although it's not clear whether he'll have enough
time left after driving to Tortilla Flats a few more times for us to get
together or not.  Avi Meron is scheduled to make a guest appearance tomorrow
to drop off some sport seats that I bought from him and there is another east-
coast Q-lister who will be passing thru either Sunday or Monday with the S6
he's buying in San Diego today.

Who'd have thought all of this Q-list activity would be taking place in a
sleepy little town like Scottsdale, Arizona this weekend?  :^)