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HELP - They REALLY want to total my UrQ

Andrew said
>She still wants to give me ONLY $3000 for the car. I told her to
Ned, she refused. Anyone have any more thoughts. I really want to
court but it's going that way. I'm in CO and the accident was in
NY. Do
I have to go to NY to sue?

Contact the Anderson Bros (karquatto.com) and/or John Beckus
(sp)? at Sportweels (CO) and/or Karen Chadwick at QCUSA have them
write a letter, to you, on their stationary, that says things
such as: we have been working with Audi Quattros for X years;
president of the quattro club for Y years (any other foundational
items that establish their expertise).  UrQ are rare collectors
cars, but X of them were imported into the US.  We have discussed
Andrews car with him and in particular its service history,
options, mileage etc. and it is our/my professional opinion that
the FMV of his UrQ is $X.  I suspect their FMV will be more than
the Insc Cos FMV.  Nevertheless, depending upon the number they
come up with, it may still be a total.  ;>(.   Either way, you at
least will have the FMV opinion of a professional disinterested
third party, as opposed to the arguably biased opinion of the
company who will have to cut the check.  Good luck Andrew!