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Re: Hydraulic pump rebuild - Day 9

In message <36D85367.95EB9023@nais.com> Michael Murphy writes:

>> Payne rants on about the &*% pump and broken driver...

> Does this car still have 166,666 miles?

Nah.  167,837.  Replacement pump (from scrapper) holding up fine - this
is fortunately an off-line activity.

Took me 15 minutes to get the ball end of the damn tool out of the
Allen screw.  Irritated me beyond belief.

(Almost as much as Galvin, when he got home yesterday to find the cat
 had pissed on the new carpet.  Taking great care to shut the lounge
 door in the morning so the cat couldn't get in, he inadvertently
 locked the beast in there.  So it pissed on the carpet.  In dire need,
 I might have done the same.  Nevertheless, the poor thing was somewhat
 frazzled by the reception its puddle received.  $3500 on egg-shell
 blue carpet - for a house that has two young children, a regular
 succession of amateur mechanics and an incontinent cat?)

Speaking of which (and the true reason for my visit) - how do the
assembled multitude hold the cam gear immobile while removing/replacing
the bolt?  The book says to use the upper cam cover retaining stud and
a screwdriver - quite the most impractical and nonsensical piece of
advice in any Audi publication.  With access from the front (aux.
radiator removed) I have a steel drift that locks the gear via the
observation window behind it.  But has anyone found something that will
just grip or block the wheel?

 Phil Payne
 Phone: 0385 302803   Fax: 01536 723021
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