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Re: Hydraulic pump rebuild - Day 9

I just couldn't stand to see you suffer alone any longer Phil.  Went to the
self pulling palace today to get a lower control arm for my 200tq.  Of course
I end up getting 2 G60 calipers and carriers ($10), driveaxle, blower motor,
instrument cluster, metering head, potentiometer, some interior trims, AND one
green tag hydraulic pump!  Oh yeah, nuthin like rebuildin a pump.  I'll let
you know how I make out.  Also, I use these 3/8" drive allen sockets by Lisle.
I think a whole set is like $20 or so at Sears, Pep Boys, etc.  As I was
saying before, I really beat the sh!t out of the 4mm with the big impact
driver and 2lb. lump hammer.  Haven't broken one yet, but the 4mm is twisted
about 100 degrees counterclockwise from the pounding.  Also had great luck
with Bondhus ball end drivers.  Again, they're real cheap but you can't break
them, at least I haven't.  And I'm pretty hard on my stuff.  I have two
SnapOff wrenches and both are broke and have been for a long time.  The reps
are a$$holes here.  "You didn't buy that from me." or "you're not a pro
mechanic".  I honestly don't care if they ever get replaced.  Oh and the pump
cost $5 and a $1 core.

Jim Accordino
P.S.- Phil do you pay by the byte still?  If so I will try to limit my replies
to you.