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Problems with '93 90S

I have a few minor problems with my '93 90S that I'm thinking of taking
in to have looked at, but I wanted to consult the list before I do it. I
rarely drive this car anymore, so I seem to notice these things a little
more now.

1) There is a sulfer smell sometimes when I stop the car and get out.
It's not noticable in the car only when getting out. I've heared that it
could be bad fuel or the catalytic converter. What exactly is the
problem and what is the best fix?

2) I have developed an oil leak since I changed the oil in late
December. I'm thinking maybe I didn't tighten the drain plug enough? I
havn't really had the time or opportunity to get under the car again to
take a look. I guess it's about time for another oil change anyway, so I
may just have that done if I take it in.

3) The car occationaly "moans" when in reverse, I can't really explain
it better than that. I've heard on the newer cars that the ABS does
something while in reverse, could this be the same thing? Overally I'm
not really concerned about this as it seems to come and go. Maybe it's
just the cold?

4) The car is starting to pull to the right a bit. This car has always
pulled to the right, even after a new ball joint and a front end
alignment. But now it's getting to the point were I think it should be
looked at again. Is there a common problem I should know about before
taking it in? Also, I'll be putting the summer wheel/tires back on in a
month or so, should I just wait until then to have this looked at?

Those are the real main things I can think of. The only one I'm really
concerned about right now is the sulfer smell coming from the car. I
would like to get that fixed. Also the alignment issue is one that will
need to be taken care of soon. I'm really hoping to trade this car in
this year for a new A4, so I don't want to dump alot of money into it,
so if I can take care of some of these problems myself, that would be

One other thing to mention, I was in Germany earlier this month and was
able to visit the Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm plants, along with visiting
MTM. You can find some photos here:

Matt Daniels
'93 90S - 74k miles
'86 4kcsq - 170k+ miles