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Re: 87.5 cgt throttle body...

> > Anyway, the throttle body primary butterfly looks to be an easy 33%
> > larger in diameter than the 82.  I'll have to pull it and compare to a
> > spare one I have to see, but it might just be a bolt on swap.
> >
> > opinions as to worthwhileness?
> If you are talking about the 87 CGT 2.22l engine than it was a simple bolt
> on for me.It's also the same as for the 1985 VW GTI except for the cable
> attachment.

I think I meant 87.5, built in 6/87, I suspect it's the 2.3 l.  Nifty
design feature, you can't get at the injectors without pulling the top
half of the intake manifold.  

> Aside my '82 Coupe (before the turbo) the intake manifold alrady had the
> larger opening for the larger throttle body.
> It's like somewhere else in the world those Coupes came with the larger
> throttle body, unlike early VW's where an adaptor had to be used with the
> larger throttle body's.

That's nice.  Why didn't we get it?  On another note, slightly, the 87.5
appears to have a different exhaust manifold as well, about time I'd
say, I never could figure out why the coupe didn't get the headers like
the 4kq.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT