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Hydraulic pump rebuild - Day 9

Phil wrote...
>Bugger.  Now I have a sheared-off driver to drill and extract from a
>4mm Allen screw.  Thanks, Snap-On.

I feel your pain.  I snapped off a no-name brand 4mm trying to >remove< one
of the caps.  I tried everything I could think of and could not get it out.  
Let me know if you find a way to drill it.  
The best bits I could find had no effect.  
So I never did replace that O-ring.  But it wasn't leaking either.  
Your problem sounds more serious though because it still needs to be
tightened.  I don't remember how much more than 5 lbs though. 
If you can't get the broken hex out maybe you could either remove the
capscrew, or rotate it a bit tighter, with a centerpunch and hammer?
Dave C.