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Re: interesting idea for diff lock relocation...

At 07:41 PM 2/27/99 -0500, Bob wrote:
>Sort of BTDT. I converted the shitty vaccuum system to electric. I now
>have a carbon fiber box on the top of the steering wheel with two
>buttons on it. I can (with either thumb) lock and unlock the center and
>rear diffs INSTANTLY. No more waiting for vacuum. You never have to let
>go of the steering wheel.
>It works really great, and I cant beleive I didnt do it years ago.

i would be very interested to hear more details.
what type of actuators did you use?
are relays required?
i know the brackets that hold the vac motors are easily remove so you
probably just need to drill some holes and run some wire.
seems like the most work is doing the switches right...