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Fuel Injection question

Yup, I am a newbie here; I'm the guy who was to have the Ronin party. Trouble
was, the steaks were great, but nobody could find Ronin anywhere on the
island. All were rented out. Maybe next week?
My '90 80 project is nearing completion. 
It's been sitting for about six months since I bought it (was running great)
and I've creatively rebuilt the auto trans, which will be a good story when it
proves successful.

I am having difficulty getting the car to start. It primes fine. But when I
crack the nuts on the fuel distributor to check fuel pressure to the
individual injectors, it just trickles out. Yet, there's apparently ample
pressure going into the fuel inj. distributor; it squirts all over when I
crack the inlet nut. Is the fuel pump too weak, or is there something (old gas
goop?)inside the fuel distributor that's screwing this up? I don't want to get
in over my head and screw something up on this car unless it would be fun.
Usually my oversights are painfully obvious to even the most mentally
Someone, show me the way?
mahalo nui loa,
Marc Myer
'90 80 almost done
'87 CGT
86 alfa spider,75 bmw 3.0cs, assorted detritus