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5k T Quattro model information

yesterday, i saw a '86-'88 5k TQ and something caught my eye..
the trim around the grille/headlights was blacked out (appeared to be orig,
not a owner mod), and so was the trim around windows, and the pieces above the
bumpers were body color.  in other words , there was no chrome on the car,
exept the rings in the grille...also the car had the deep bucket "sport seats"
in black leather, but the inside of the panels on these seats were black suede
leather..(ive only ever seen the suede on the CS non-TQ models).... the car
was lago blue , and had the "fuchs" 5 spoke alloys - and the centers of the
alloys were painted to match the car...  the owner said he bought the car new,
and it came that way...
was there ever a special model like this, or???
anyone know?
just some sunday trivia...

'84 5kT
'86 5kTQ