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Re: Insult to all Audi Cars

How 'bout a grand am with a saab grille and audi rings on it? I kid you

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On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Michael Murphy wrote:

> Scott Sierakowski wrote:
> > . . .  As it passed my car it was actually a purple garbage can
> > Toyota lowrider with Audi rings.  I was horrified!!!!    None the less
> > if you are living in CT I think I found your Audi rings...
> Glad to see that that "Audi" moved off Long Island!  Saw the same car
> (then it was purple to the waist, orange below the side moldings) 2
> summers ago in Huntington, NY.  Or, could it be there's more than 1?
> --
> MJ Murphy