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Re: What are these MBenz Lights?

Note to anyone installing aftermarket lights on their cars:  If you are
worried at all about other drivers falshing you, any Hella product will
automatically induce high beam attacks from other drivers, mostly piloting
SUVs.  My GTi had Hella 500's with 80 watt bulbs, mounted BELOW the bumper
on a 2" LOWERED car (they were about 4-5 inches off the ground) and I got
flashed at least once every time I used them.  Oh well.....they were pointed at
the ground, too....
	Sorry if this is harsh but that is a Bull S*#t statement.  Utter
bull.  Of course Hella 500's would blind everyone even just off the
ground.  So will my H1's if I aim them down because even down a long range
driving lamp like that will shine a lot of light up in peoples eyes.  Get
a light designed to be used as a low beam.  Either the Hella XL's or some
Fog lights should be ok as well.
	Jeesh.  It never ceases to amaze me that people get surprised that
a light designed to complement the Highs (and be even better/brighter than
the stock highs) blinds people.  I love Hellas, and PIAA's, and CATZ, and
Marshall.  They all make good lights.  They all have some cheaper models.
BUT, if you buy the RIGHT light for the applications and Wire it right and
AIM it right it should work great.  Euro Lights are much easier but also
much more expensive so if you dont mine haveing lights bolted to your
bumper then a good set of XL's and 500 Driving lights can complement your
lights nicely.  
	OR, PIAA (and maybe Hella) now have some new Driving lights on the
Market that use an H4 bulb and effectvely have a LOW and HIGH beam.  These
seem like a great idea for most drivers that have room for a 6" round
light on their bumper.

	Todd Phenneger
	   4 Audis, 3 with Hellas of verying sorts and none Blind Drivers
(tested by me driving at my car) unless on highs when they are bright
enough to make stupid SUV drivers with poorly aimed lights turn their damn
parking lights on so I can see. :-)   (Not that I make a point to do that,
only when they REFUSE to dim thier driving lights etc)