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RE: Wet floor in an Audi Coupe GT 85'

First thing you need to verify is that it is water and not anti-freeze.
If it is anti-freeze, it is your heater core. If it is water, the quickest
to find the leak is to look up under the dash while someone sprays a hose
around the
firewall and air intake plenum area.  Another place it may be leaking is
where the
heater hoses, a/c hoses and wires come through the firewall.  It could be
clogged drains
in the cowl area causing water to back up and come in the air intake, or
under the plenum
or fuse box.  Pretty  vague I know, but I hope this helps.

Greg Herrmann

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I was wondering where the water is coming from that is making floor wet.
Mostly it is wet on the passenger side.  Any help would be a great help.


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