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how easy: 20-valve into 10-valve MC engine bay?


Silly thought ahead ... again.

Chatted to my mechanic's brother on saturday. He has
returned from the States where it deals in exotic motors.
He just bought a Audi 90 with 20-valve turbo motor (??)
for $800. It had a burnt out wiring loom, but he replaced
it. I asked how easy it is to get a 20-valve turbo motor
for me. He said not too difficult. He then offered to send
me 10 of them. Including wiring loom. I didn't get a price
for the 1 unit since he left before I asked. It might be
quite cheap as it will most likely be coming from a smashed

Once again my stupid brain went into overdrive and I began
thinking of dropping in a 20-valve turbo in place of my
10-valve MC engine. I have questions now:

	1. what are the major engine bay differences between
	   the Audi 200 with 10-valve MC engine and Audi 200
	   with 20-valve turbo engine (or other 20-valve motor'd

	2. how easy would it be to drop in the 20-valve motor?

	3. is there major differences in location of the
	   brake, cooling and other systems in the engine bay?



PS: after an hour of dreaming I decided to just keep my MC
    and fix it up as planned, but it all depends on the
    availability and possibility of getting myself a 20-valve
    into the country. :)

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