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RE: Door Won't Open From Inside (maybe off track by now)


I have had the problem of a girlfriend (ex) literally ripping the door
handle off the door.  Well as we all know Audi doors can be temperamental
but I never could figure out why one would think that pulling on a handle
w/o squeezing the latch will do anything at all.  The way I described it to
her was open the door as if I were squeezing a part (fill in the blank) of
your body.  The thought of my violently grabbing at her cured her of the
door problem.



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> At 16:28 99-02-28 EST, DOUBLDz@aol.com wrote:
> >>>So, I went out on a date last night with the perfect girl; however, she
> >broke my Audi!<< 
> >I thought you said "perfect" why weren't you out and around opening the
> door
> >*for her*?
> I've heard that in USA one can get sued for this.
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