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RE: Wet floor in an Audi Coupe GT 85'

Grant Wills" <grant_wills@hotmail.com> Said:
>I was wondering where the water is coming from that is making floor wet.  
>Mostly it is wet on the passenger side.  Any help would be a great help.

Of the 3 Coupe GTs that I have owned, 2 of them had this same problem.  It's
the drain from the AC evaporater getting clogged and the water just spilling
over into the footwell.  You just need to take the glove box out and then you
will see the drainpan that is under the evaporator, and just take it out and
clean it.

If that isn't it, another problem i had was the windshield would leak water in
from the lower passenger corner.  I just put some silicone sealant in there
and that stopped it.

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