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Re: What are these MBenz Lights?

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, Stephen Bigelow wrote:

> > Thats NOT what I implied.  Come now, I'm not THAT out there.  IS
> >it to much to ask to simply have "informed police" be fair?
> Not sure what you mean by that. Yes or no for different enforcement for
> different cars?

	Well, I'm for General different enforcement but obviously each
driver/car combo cant be different.  I do think that limiting the speed of
SUV's and Trucks on INTERSTATES more than Cars would be ok though.  I
think the best way though would be to give insurance discounts to drivers
of cars that have passed more stringent certification for safety,
handling, tires etc AND have drivers that have passed some sort of driver
Ed course like a Skip Barber Driving School (advanced handling etc) and
that for WInter Drivers they get the discount if they go to a Winter
Driving School.  Of course I'm biased because I'd love to work at a
driving school and that would make a big demand for instructors. :-)

> Agreed. Well, sort of. Cars aren't safe or unsafe by themselves. However,
> question still stands. Forgive me if I'm missing something here, but if you
> _don't_ believe in variable enforment, there is no point in pointing out the
> variances in vehicles, because they are all subject to the same law.

	Yes, they are all subject to the same law but my gripe is cops
that give a ticket to a Red Sports car going 8mph over the limit just
because its a Red Sports Car when right before the Red car came along a
Truck going 14 over passed by because he had just passed said little Red
Sports Car and the Cop lets him go and Tickets Red CAr.    THAT is my
Biggest gripe.  If I am going to get a ticket so should the Truck since he
is being much more dangerous by comparison.  Luckily, Radar Detectors etc
are legal here so they give me a fighting chance.
	If I'm going 100mph, fine, ticket me.  I deserve it.  I will still
do it occasionally on open roads with no people around and good
weather/visibility but if you catch me then ticket me.  Just get the Jeep
thats behind me trying to pass as well.  (BTDT 3 weeks ago)  85 at night
(with my Euro Lights on High on an abondoned Highway) and I got passed by
a Jeep Grand Cherokee going about 100.  I hit 100 after he passed and he
I wasn't gainging.  Oh, yea, THATS safe with M&S tires rated at 88 mph max
speed and Crappy DOT lights.
	Anyhow, thats my big problem.

> > I think it is a battle worth fighting.
> Agreed.....um....what is the battle? Higher speed limits?...or...Sometimes
> higher speed limits?...or...? It has to be something that can be written
> down in law, remember.

	I'm not sure.  Higher speed limits.  Make it harder to get Drivers
Licences (ie...more stringent drivers test both IN CAR and OUT of CAR.
Make sure a driver knows how to change a Spare Tire in an emergency.  Make
sure they know not to Slam on the Brakes when a front Tire Blows.  ANd
that they UNDERSTAND the concept of Right of WAY.  Not just on paper but
in practice.  
>  >wasting an hour of his precious time is worth it to me since
> The officers I know get paid _overtime_ for court appearances. They really
> don't mind at all. You didn't think they were showing up on there time off,
> did you?...*VGB*

	So, at least their not on the road busting someone.  However, if
they get paid OVERTIME I didn't know that.  Hmmm, maybe I have to re-think
my position a "Little" if thats true.  I dont want them paying him
> Not arguing, just unclear on your position.

	No argument here.  I'm just complaining to someone who is actually
listening.  :-)

> Still smilin' and Speedin'...sometimes...

	I'm only smilin when there are no Flashing lights behind me.
Luckily I'm smiling a lot. :-)